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Dipl. Ing. Pavol Vavrek, PhD., born December 6th, 1965 in Prešov, finished his university study at Mining Faculty of Technical High School Košice, Czechoslovakia /the Technical University of Košice, the Slovak Republic, at present time/, in 1991 for engineering study: Mining Engineering.

His whole professional period is specifically oriented to the Rock Mechanics, Tunneling and Numerical Modelling in Geotechnics.

The research activities are focused on solving the tasks of applied research for the needs of mining companies in Slovakia and the research projects supported by VEGA. He has been responsible for several research tasks (SMZ Jelšava, a.s., HBP, a.s. Prievidza, Geofos, s.r.o. Žilina, VSK, a.s. Košice etc.)  and VEGA research grants (2) for the entire period of his works at the faculty.

At present time his research works are mainly oriented in the international projekt of Underground Coal Gasification processes – Project COGAR  /2013 – 2016/ in RFCS – EU. In July 2016/ March2017 he worked as a construction manager on the Oberau tunnel (Deutschland).

He is president of SBS (Slovakian Mininig Society) on the Faculty BERG TU in Košice, member of Presidium SBS, member of STA (Slovak Tunneling Association) and member of ISRM (International Society for Rock Mechanics).

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